Consorzio di Tutela Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva DOP Terra di Bari

For consumers / Discover the Extra virgin olive oil


Terra di Bari PDO olive oil is unique and inimitable.
Prime component of the Mediterranean diet, the Terra di Bari PDO
extra virgin olive oil is a real mix of taste, naturalness
and wellbeing, thanks to its organoleptic properties.

  • A unique history
    Olive tree growing in Terra di Bari began about three thousand years ago, at the time of Magna Graecia. Since then producers have been giving birth to an oil that has turned into a legend all over the world.
  • A unique character
    Intenso e gradevole, con sfumature dal gusto fruttato e note di amaro leggero e piccante. Con poche gocce dona ai cibi un sapore intenso.
  • Unique health benefits
    Being very rich in polyphenols, the Terra di Bari PDO olive oil has a strong antioxidant effect.
    It is highly digestible and helps maintain balanced cholesterol levels, thanks to its powerful mono-unsaturated fatty acids. For these reasons, it is recommended in children and elderly diets.
  • A unique territory, with more than 2,8 million olive trees
    Con più di 15.000 hectares of olive trees grown, questa è l’area con la maggiore concentrazione al mondo di produzione di olio extravergine di alta qualità certificata.
  • A unique frugal use
    The Terra di Bari PDO olive oil has a special feature: an intense taste, used in small quantities by chefs all over the world to create light dishes having unequalled taste and aroma.