Consorzio di Tutela Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva DOP Terra di Bari

For consumers / Health benefits of Extra virgin olive oil


Olive oil is natural. . It is the only dietary fat that is produced naturally, without any chemical processing:
milling, pressing and the separation of oil from waste water are performed only by mechanical or other physical means.
Extra virgin olive oil has been nourishing us, promoting our health and contributing to our beauty from time immemorial.
Even Greek and Romans knew it.

Its uses and benefits are countless:

It promotes our health

antioxidants, such as phenolic compounds, beta-carotene
and tocopherols, namely A and E provitamins, whose activity
has been demonstrated preventing
from physical and brain ageing, lowering the levels
of LCI cholesterol
(the so-called “bad cholesterol”),
increasing HDL cholesterol (the so-called “good cholesterol”)
and preventing from cardiovascular diseases.
Moreover, olive oil promotes the absorption of mineral salts,
very important for elderly people and children, as well as
food digestibility. For all these reasons, olive oil is
perfect at all ages and it never hurts.


It is a tasty and light addition to our dishes

A healthy life begins with a healthy diet, such as
the Mediterranean Diet, based on the use of
extra virgin olive oil, which is appreciated all over the world.
Thanks to its low acidity and excellent organoleptic properties,
this versatile and nutritious juice can be appreciated
both cooked and uncooked to enhance food pairings
and to create a harmony of tastes and aromas
that pay homage to our palate and to our health.


It is revitalising for our body
Ever since Egyptian times olive oil was used for daily hygiene or in rejuvenating beauty treatments. Extra virgin olive oil, in fact, has always been considered as the elixir for long life (since it helps preventing from the destructive activity of free radicals, responsible for cell ageing) and it is recommended for skin, hair and nails care: thanks to its nourishing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil is used still today by modern cosmetics in beauty masks, packs, emulsions and suntan creams. Cosmetics thus becomes healthy and sustainable, since it chooses natural solutions for body care which respect the skin as well as the environment.