Consorzio di Tutela Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva DOP Terra di Bari

For consumers / Suggested food pairings


When it comes to cooking, everybody knows
that it is a matter of tastes, or rather, of oil:
it values dishes and enhances their taste even alone.
Many people feel the need to look for the right oil,
healthy, tasty and guaranteeing success in the kitchen.

In order to meet such desire for tastier and original dishes,
at the same time light and digestible,
the Terra di Bari PDO olive oil does its utmost,
offering three varieties.

Three unique varieties, three unique personalities, characterized by exuberant and
charming aromatic hints, revealing the territory’s identity and perfumes
and enhancing dishes’ intensity through countless creative pairings:

  • Castel del Monte PDO olive oil
Dense and robust, with a fruity and intense taste, this olive oil displays a moderate sensation of bitterness and pungency, so it works well with robust dishes such as meat roulades, roasts, legume soups, vegetables velvet sauces, tasty sauces, bruschette , gratinée vegetables, salads, soups, biscuits and taralli.
  • Bitonto PDO olive oil
It is a versatile oil, having a soft and well-rounded taste, characterised by fresh herbaceous notes and initial notes of bitterness and pungency. It can be paired with cooked and uncooked dishes, such as vegetable and fish salads, legumes, fried food, focaccia , vegetable soups, grilled or stewed meat, sauces and tarts.
  • Murgia dei Trulli e delle Grotte PDO olive oil
Its fine texture, given by bitterness and pungency hints and by initial notes of fresh almonds, is well paired with light, fine and simply-cooked foods, such as vegetables, green soups, fried vegetables, fish soups, minestrone soups, boiled fish and crustaceans and roast meat.