Consorzio di Tutela Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva DOP Terra di Bari

Terra di Bari PDO Olive Oil / Growind and extraction

Olive orchards are grown and kept in the typical environmental
conditions distinguishing this area, so that olives and olive oil
may receive their specific qualitative features.
Olive tree spacing, growing and pruning are carried out according
to traditional procedures, in order not to alter the olives’ distinguishing features.

Therefore, olive tree orchards are usually cultivated in specialized ways,
in fact olive trees are given a truncated-conical vase shape
and are planted at a spacing of 13×13 (old cultivations)
or 7×7 (more recent cultivations).
Olive trees more commonly lie and flourish on red soil,
which in turn rests on limestone crags.

Olives are usually harvested by every year’s 30th of January.
Orchards’ maximum production of olives cannot exceed 10.000 kg per hectare.
Olives yield, instead, cannot exceed 22%. Even when years are particularly favourable,
olives yield is always kept under control and brought back to yield limits,
so that the overall production does not exceed maximum limits by more than 20%.
Oil is extracted from olives within 2 days
from the time of harvest. For oil extraction,
only mechanical and physical processes are allowed,
so that the olives’ qualitative features are by no means altered.